212 Reunion Rally Participants Start to Fill Jakarta's Monas



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Approximately hundreds of people joined in the annual event dubbed as ‘212 reunion rally’ has started to fill the area of Monas (National Monument) in Central Jakarta. Many have also decided to gather outside of the national park. 

    “I will stay here until the event ends,” said one of the event’s long-time participants, Herdiansyah to Tempo at Monas’ north gate today. He claims to have participated in the 212 reunion rally since 2017.

    Herdiansyah is joined by fellow participants who are gathered in groups with some sitting and waiting while others could be seen sleeping over a simple mattress under the cold dawn. This has become a common sight from Monas up to the Istiqlal Mosque area. 

    Make-shift posts providing basic logistical needs and healthcare are also present in Monas’ vicinity. The 212 reunion rally is scheduled to start at 02:30 Indonesia Western Time (WIB) with a collective ‘tahajud’ prayer. 

    This year’s agenda will mainly focus on urging for the return of Rizieq Shihab and for the imprisonment of Sukmawati Soekarnoputri who has been accused of blasphemy after she allegedly compared the Prophet Muhammad with Indonesia’s first president Soekarno in one sentence. 

    The 212 reunion rally organizers claim more than 1 million people will participate in the event this year.