Tokopedia Responds to Twitter Hashtag 'UninstallTokopedia'



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tokopedia VP of Corporate Communications, Nuraini Razak, responded to the hashtag 'uninstallTokopedia' on Twitter, confirming that the whole content, concept, and guests at 'Ria Miranda The Annual Show 2020' or RMTS2020 was entirely initiated by Ria Miranda herself.

    "The collaboration of Tokopedia and RiaMiranda is to present the latest collection dubbed 'Serunai' that can exclusively be purchased on the Official Store or Tokopedia Salam," Nuraini said in a written statement Saturday, November 30.

    Hashtag #uninstalltokopedia became a trending topic on Twitter since this morning, following comments on the video presenting a Muslim cleric as a speaker at the RMTS2020. RiaMiranda is a modest fashion brand that is available on Tokopedia.

    Nuraini said that as an Indonesian technology company that continues to transform into Super Ecosystem, Tokopedia always supports local creators to get broader access through technology.

    "We would like to affirm that Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company that respects the views of every Indonesian," she said.

    As an institution, she went on, her company condemned any discrimination, radicalism, and parties or activities that damage the unity of the nation.