Pedestrians Complain about e-Scooters



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - As many as 67.5 percent of pedestrian in Jakarta complained about the presence of e-scooters because they consider e-scooter users to be disturbing and are a threat to pedestrian safety.

    The discovery was made based on a survey conducted by the Research Institute of Socio Economic Development (RISED 2019) on one thousand pedestrians in the Capital City for the pedestrian convenience category.

    The unorderly manner of e-scooter users was due to a lack of regulation on the use of the new transportation mode. Whereas, the issues is the responsibility of the Jakarta Government.

    Director of Rujak Cneter for Urban Studies Elisa Sutanudjaja said that the presence of e-scooters does not answer to people's needs of mobilization "The public used it not for transportation, but as a recreation to gain profits and make other people suffer," Elisa said in a discussion on Thursday, November 28, 2019.

    In relation to the policy to regulate e-scooters in Jakarta, Elisa suggested the capital to copy some of the rules implemented in Australia and several regions of Germany.

    "In Perth, e-scooters are used in isolated environment, and must be used with a helmet. In berlin the rent cost is expensive, and there are fines, cannot ride in twos, and [user] must not drunk. These can serve as reference," Elisa said.