Doctor Tompi Slams Health Minister's Plan to Promote Mak Erot



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaA well-known plastic surgery doctor Teuku Adifitrian a.k.a. Tompi criticized Health Minister Terawan Teuku Adifitrian’s plan to develop health tourism by promoting the country’s several traditional health methods, such as kerokan, purwaceng plant supplement, and Mak Erot service.

    "I hope that’s a joke. Because if it's not, it means he doesn't know what Mak Erot is doing," he said in Jakarta, Monday, November 25.

    Previously, Minister Terawan voiced his plans to develop the country’s health tourism by highlighting kerokan, purwaceng plant supplement, and Mak Erot service.

    Kerokan is a traditional healing therapy by rubbing the back skin using oil and a coin, while Purwaceng is a plant supplement believed to increase male virility, and Mak Erot who is widely known for the massage service to enlarge a man’s reproductive organ. 

    The doctor, who is also a renowned musician, said that he and his team often treated patients who fell victim to Mak Erot's service. According to the singer, the idea of developing health tourism proposed by Terawan could not be applied yet.

    "Not that it's wrong, it's a good idea. But it should involve other ministries. I think [the idea] is still far to be implemented as long as the health cost is still high. It's difficult," he added.

    Tompi assessed there are still many other health problems that must be prioritized by the government to solve. "Just manage BPJS [health insuranve] first," he said.