Support for Sexual Violence Survivors Not Maximum Yet: NGO



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Illustration of sexual violence 1. Doc. Marisa Kuhlewein (QUT) and Rachel Octaviani (UPH)

    Illustration of sexual violence 1. Doc. Marisa Kuhlewein (QUT) and Rachel Octaviani (UPH)

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Venny Siregar of Forum Pengada Layanan (FPL)--an NGO that provides advocacy for victims of sexual violence--said the Indonesian government had not provided its utmost effort to assist the recovery of female sexual violence survivors. 

    Venny gave an example that the government’s social security agency (BPJS) that did not cover the medical checkup of survivors, which is needed to file a police report, showed the government’s lack of presence for victims in search of justice. 

    “Medical checkups are still billed, the same goes to a survivor’s recovery. They also have to look for pieces of evidence themselves, accommodate their own transport, and the costs to present an expert witness,” said Venny at the Komnas Perempuan (the National Commission on Violence Against Women) headquarters on Monday, November 25. 

    The aforementioned elements have not factored-in other complex processes regarding the actual investigation. Sexual violence survivors must also face the possibilities of having their case not followed up by the police.

    “15 percent are reported to the police but not all of them reach the court due to the lack of witnesses, pieces of evidence, and other elements. They remain as mere police reports,” said Venny, who called on state authorities to care more and show support for victims of sexual violence