Teachers' Union Deems Nadiem Makarim's Speech Biased, Paradoxical



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaEducation and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim called on all Indonesian teachers to make minor changes as efforts to reform the country’s education sector.

    “Whenever you [teachers] are, make small changes in your class,” said Nadiem in a written statement as to commemorate the National Teachers’ Day that falls on November 25 as published in the ministry’s website.

    The followings are the minister’s demand for teachers:

    1. Stimulate class discussion, not only listening.
    2. Give a chance for students to teach in class.
    3. Initiate a social project that involves all class members.
    4. Find talent in students who are lacking confidence.
    5. Offer help to teachers who are in need.

    Nadiem’s statement seized the public spotlight in the recent two days after it went viral on social media.

    In response to the minister’s speech, the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Union (FSGI) urged Nadiem to issue a regulation to protect teachers.

    “We observe that the minister’s speech of National Teachers' Day is biased and paradoxical. On the first to the eighth point of page one, Pak Minister praises, sees, and acknowledges that teachers are in the shackle. But on the other hand, on page two, Pak Minister wants changes from teachers,” said the FSGI secretary-general Heru Purnomo, Jakarta, Sunday, November 24.

    Heru added that the changes in teachers were not enough sans regulations that rule it, and so it required a legal umbrella issued by the ministry.

    In his speech, Nadiem Makarim acknowledged that teachers spent a lot of time to do administrative matters which lead to less time for students. While Heru opined that teachers as regional employees must comply with local regulations.

    “The ministry has a task to synchronize the regional and central government because after all, teachers must obey their superiors, who are the regional head,” he said.