Govt to Introduce E-Scooter Regulation; Age and Speed Limited



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta transportation department is currently preparing a Governor’s Decree that will strictly regulate the city’s urban electric scooters.

    “The decree is being composed by a team of experts,” said Syafrin at the FX Sudirman area on Friday, November 22. 

    According to Syafrin, the parties involved in formulating the regulation include the Transportation Ministry, Jakarta City’s Transportation Board, NGO, and scooter communities. He is not able to announce when the Governor’s Decree will be completed. 

    However, he elaborated on a number of elements that will be regulated under the new decree such as including e-scooters as a personal transportation vehicle. “Many countries have considered them a personal mobility device,” Syafrin said.

    Another factor under the regulation obviously involving the user’s safety and will subject the electric scooters to similar regulations to those of a motorcycle user, such as the obligation to wear helmets, elbow protectors, and the use of reflective wearable items that will make the e-scooters visible during the night.

    The team of regulators also collectively agreed to impose a speed limit for the e-scooters to 15 kilometers per hour. Riders below the age of 17 will not be allowed to operate the e-scooter on public roads.