Jakartans Divided by Photo-Friendly Roofless Pedestrian Bridge



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Administration recently decided to uninstall the roof of a pedestrian crossing bridge (JPO) that sits over the Jendral Sudirman street, which has created its pros and cons among residents of Jakarta. 

    One of the city’s pedestrians that was against the city’s move to remove the roof of a pedestrian bridge that connects two sidewalks is Panji, who argues that the move will cause pedestrians to feel fatigued from being exposed to direct sunlight. 

    “In the middle of the day fatigue kicks in fast as we are directly exposed to sunlight. I just think it’s somewhat peculiar,” said Panji who works in the vicinity of the Sudirman JPO on Wednesday, November 6. 

    Echoing his opinion, Henny also thinks that removing the roof of the JPO is an ineffective move as it would not shield pedestrians from sunlight and rain. 

    Henny argues that the Jakarta Administration’s intention to create a more Instagram-friendly pedestrian bridge should not sacrifice the rights of pedestrians for a practical public facility. 

    However, there are also pedestrians backing the idea of creating a JPO that is visually appealing. Budi Darsono who we met said that it is an innovation. 

    “I personally think it’s nice. Our view suddenly covers a vast space and is not enclosed. Maybe it’s because I like taking pictures and I think it is beneficial during the night with the JPO being more lit,” said Budi. 

    However, he maintains that it is accepted as the bridge only connects two sidewalks instead of two buildings or transportation public facilities.