Thursday, 12 December 2019

Jakarta Gov Speechwriters' Budget Subject to Possible Mishap



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaHead of the Jakarta administration’s bureau of regional head and overseas partnership initially filed for two additional members for Governor Anies Baswedan’s speechwriters, which has now been changed to four people.

    The bureau’s head, Mawardi, stated deemed the allocation necessary considering the governor’s speech frequency. 

    “Not just the governor, we also prepare speeches for assistants who represent the governor,” said Mawardi on Tuesday, November 5. 

    This follows yet another budget allocation oddity found by the Indonesia Budget Center (IBC) in the city’s 2020 budget draft. IBC saw Rp392 million filed in the allocation which is converted into a wage for 6.5 people for 12 months. 

    Mawardi blames the mistake on the number of speechwriters due to the use of a new calculating component. The wage increase is stated in the Governor’s Decree No.1214/2019.

    He also said that the city’s e-budgeting system has not been upgraded with the data on wage components within its system, even though the wages for the speechwriters have been pitched for a raise from Rp5 million to Rp8.2 million next year. 

    “The error in the number of speechwriters is due to the system itself that still applies an old calculation system,” said Mawardi. 

    Asked about the exact number of people Jakarta intends to hire next year, Mawardi answered; “I don’t recall the exact number. But the last one this year there were two people.”

    IBC researcher, Rahmat, said the allocation for speechwriters has been duplicated due to this emerging in other city agencies’ budget plan. 

    This budget is also found in Kepulauan Seribu’s communication, information, and statistics agency, that filed for an Rp240 million budget.