Jakarta Mystical Tour Nearly Ends in Tragedy on Bintaro Railway



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The journey for participants of the ‘Jakarta Mystical Tour’ nearly ended in disaster on Friday, November 1, as the large group visited a railway section in the area of Bintaro known for an accident known as the 'Bintaro train crash' involving two passenger trains colliding head-on back in 1987.

    47 of the mystical tour participants were nearly hit by a KRL Commuter Line train as the group gathered over the active railway at 23:50 Indonesia Western Time (WIB). After tuning-in on the story told by the tour guide, the group remained standing on the active railway to take pictures.

    Not long after the tour guide finished the story, the KRL Commuter Line from Tanah Abang heading to Bintaro passed. 

    Fortunately, all of the 47 participants were able to scatter as the train passed just inches from where the group was initially standing. The mystical tour committee reported that many sustained minor injuries as they had to jump away from the railway. Many were injured as they landed on rough gravel and some even ended up inside a nearby gutter. 

    The tour was immediately ended as participants decided to head home. Some had even demanded the organizers for a full refund as they nearly became a victim of a train accident. 

    The Jakarta Mystical Tour, initiated by Biang Overlander, is planned to be held three times; first on October 18, November 1, and lastly on November 15. Following the recent close-call, the tour’s head of operations Ananda Satria announced that they will not hold the third outing and issued apologies for the team’s mismanaged schedule at the Bintaro railway

    “Even though demands are high, we plan to only hold the tour two times,” said Ananda to Tempo on Saturday, November 2.