Human Activity Drives Crocodile Attack in Bangka Belitung: BKSDA



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bangka Belitung Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) highly expects the regional administration to issue a policy that would protect the habitat of local crocodiles to suppress conflicts with humans in the area. This concern was raised after a crocodile was sighted, and recorded by locals, nearby the Putat Belinyu Beach in Bangka this week. 

    “We hope the government will issue a policy curbing mining business permits and permits for factory establishments, housing areas, and plantations in the area destined for the crocodile’s habitat,” said the Bangka Belitung BKSDA Head Yusmono in Pangkalpinang today, Oct. 30.

    The video of the crocodile’s sighting at the Putat Beach went viral throughout several social media platforms. 

    As of April this year, a little kid was unfortunately killed after being bit by a crocodile while the child was taking a bath in a river in East Belitung.

    Yusmono said that the conflict between the area’s wildlife and humans are already considered frequent after the fact that the crocodile’s habitat continues to decrease caused by constructions of factories, housing areas, plantations, and mining across the beach coastline, rivers, and swamps. 

    This is made worse by fishing activities that use non-environmentally friendly tools that highly decreases the population of fish, which the BKSDA says is the main diet of the crocodiles. 

    “We must see this case from a larger viewpoint and why cases of crocodile attacks on humans have grown. They would not attack if their habitat is not disturbed by human activities,” said Yusmono.