Government to Patent Hudoq Cross Border Traditional Dance



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The government of Mahakam Ulu (Mahulu) District, East Kalimantan Province, is likely to patent the traditional Hudoq Cross Border dance which has escalated to a multi-ethnical version of the Hudoq dance from a village-to-village origin. “After the Festival of Hudoq Cross Border, I will immediately coordinate with the East Kalimantan Tourism Agency to follow up on our plan to patent the Hudoq Cross Border dance,” said Kristina Tening, chief of Maluhu Tourism, Youth and Sport Agency, on Saturday.

    The coordinating process will be followed by the Tourism Ministry and other related stakeholders since it was a new plan that has yet to be realized.

    Tening claimed that she was busy organizing the festival which began on October 23 and will conclude today (October 26), followed in the next few days by some post-festival activities.

    The festival broke a record of the Indonesian World-Record Museum (MURI) for the longest non-stop Hudoq dance performance lasting 25 hours, which exceeded the earlier record of 24 hours.

    Mayor of Mahulu, Bonifasius Belawan Geh has been issued a direct order in this matter.

    Hudoq Cross Border is considered a brand new Hudoq dance since it is also added with Hudoq Nebeq, Geh emphasized.