Arifin Tasrif Energy Minister; Freeport Boss Reveals Hopes



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Arifin Tasrif is officially named as the new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, replacing Ignasius Jonan. Freeport Indonesia (IDX: PTFI) president director Tony Wenas hopes that Arifin would be able to lead his ministry in improving Indonesia's energy investments. 

    "My hope is for the investment climate in the energy sector to continue to improve," Tony said in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 23. 

    Tony said that Ignasius Jonan led the ministry well during his three-year tenure. In the next five years, Tony hopes that Jonan's excellent policies will be sustained. 

    "Good policies from the previous minister must be maintained," he said. 

    He also hopes for the rules that can hamper energy investments will be readjusted. 

    Arifin Tasrif, former Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, had served as managing director at state-owned Pupuk Indonesia, Pupuk Sriwijaya, and Petrokimia Gresik.

    "Actually, he's not a new person [in the energy sector], as he's been in a state-owned enterprise before. Surely he knows about corporate matters," Tony said.

    Tony assumed that President Jokowi chose Arifin so that he could carry on with the national strategic projects.

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