Greenpeace Indonesia Stage Protests at Jakarta Landmark Statues



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaGreenpeace Indonesia installed two giant banners at the Dirgantara Monument in Pancoran, and at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout’s “Selamat Datang Monument.”

    The banners they placed at two of Jakarta’s strategic locations today has somewhat grabbed some attention away from President Jokowi’s State Ministers’ inauguration. 

    Greenpeace Indonesia’s Spokesman Arie Rompas explained that the two messages contained in the banners call for everyone, especially the government, to abandon dirty energy such as coal and salvage Indonesian forests. 

    They called for President Jokowi and his newly appointed Cabinet members to take full attention on issues regarding energy and forests if they truly intend to overcome the climate crisis. 

    “Indonesia as an archipelago state is highly vulnerable against the effects of climate change,” said Arie in his official written statement today.

    Greenpeace also highlights the issue of deforestation in Indonesia, the government’s ratification of the Paris Agreement, and its commitment to reduce carbon emissions up to 29 or 41 percent. 

    “Back in 2015, President Jokowi promised to overcome land and forest fires within three years. Today we enter his second presidential term, but annual forest fires still persist,” he said.