Structural Cracks Also Found in Lion Air's Boeing 737 NG



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  • Lion Air Airlines. Doc.TEMPO/Hariandi Hafid

    Lion Air Airlines. Doc.TEMPO/Hariandi Hafid

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Two Boeing 737 NGs owned by PT Mentari Lion Airlines, also known as Lion Air, is suffering from structural compromise in the form of cracks in a part of its main fuselage. Similar issues were also seen on the same type of aircraft owned by Sriwijaya Air and Garuda Indonesia. 

    Lion Air first detected the problem during a routine inspection; “Two of our planes are indicated to be damaged in the form of a crack that was detected following an inspection,” said Lion Air spokesperson, Danang Mandala to Tempo on Monday, October 21. 

    However, Danang has yet revealed what steps the company would take in response to this possible safety issue. 

    Previously reported, Garuda Indonesia Vice Corporate Secretary, M. Ikhsan Rosan said that the flag-carrier is currently waiting for the steps being taken by Boeing Co as the aircraft’s producer. “We are coordinating with Boeing in terms of maintenance,” said Ikhsan on Monday. 

    With Lion Air’s finding, there are currently five units of Boeing 737 NGs that sustained the structural cracks in Indonesia. Transportation Ministry’s director-general of air transport Polana Banguningsih Pramesti said that the ministry has summoned Boeing to follow up its customers’ complaints.  

    “While we receive technical assistance, we urge for the planes to be grounded for the time being,” Polana warned on Saturday.

    Boeing Co, admits 38 cases of structural compromise in its 737-NG fleet across the globe which eventually caused the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue a mandatory inspection for carriers operating this type of plane. 

    The FAA stated that there are 165 out of 200 Boeing 737 NG that are considered to be old and have sustained structural cracks.