Students Question Public Protests Ban Nearing Inauguration



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Makassar - The University of Hasanuddin’s Student Executive Body (BEM Unhas) president, Fatir Kasim, deemed South Sulawesi Police Chief Insp. Gen. Mas Guntur Laupe had provoked students to stage a protest ahead of the presidential inauguration.

    Fatir made the statement in response to Mas Guntur’s announcement on the policy of prohibiting public protests from October 16 to October 20, which coincided with the inauguration day.

    “The police have actually provoked students to take to the streets,” said Fatir.

    According to Fatir, South Sulawesi Police have performed two fatal mistakes. First, the police have violated Article 38E (3) of the 1945 Consitution on the freedom of expression. Secondly, Fatir opined the police issued the ban on the wrong time, which turned the ban into provocation.

    He recalled that the ban contradicted the police’s statement on October 1 during the meeting at Unhas Rector’s Building. Mas Guntur declared that the police would accompany the student’s demonstration as to prevent possible infiltration by certain parties. “He does not prohibit [a rally],” said Fatir.

    South Sulawesi Police Chief Insp. Gen. Mas Guntur has earlier issued a protest ban in a bid to maintain safe, peaceful conditions ahead of President Jokowi's inauguration.

    “Even though the inauguration takes place at Jakarta, [South Sulawesi] must be safe,” said the police spokesman Sr. Comr. Dicky Sondani.