Anies Baswedan Set to Allow Street Vendors on Sidewalks



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Governor Anies Baswedan stated he would realize his policy on the arrangement of street vendors or PKL on sidewalks.

    “We will manage different functions of sidewalks in every location,” said Anies during a press conference regarding his two years in office at the City Hall, Tuesday, Oct. 15.

    Anies explained that he had discussed the arrangement of street vendors on sidewalks. However, many thought that the city administration would allow all traders to occupy every capital’s sidewalks.

    While in fact, Anies stressed, only several designated sidewalks would be available for street vendors, and that the time and the regulation would be set.

    “So there is no same rule for all locations. No same rule on times, too,” he added. “The arrangement will be set specifically for each location.”

    Urban planning observer Nirwono Joga suggested that Anies Baswedan halts the plan to provide areas for street vendors on sidewalks. “As long as our regulation is prohibited [the idea], we should comply with it,” said Joga in a short message to Tempo, Thursday, Oct. 10.

    Joga asserted that sidewalks are paths for pedestrians, instead of street vendors. A gubernatorial decree on multifunction sidewalks would contrast to Law No. 38/2004 on streets and Law No. 22/2009 on traffic and land transportation, which remain valid to date.