Stranded Whale Sharks, Dolphin Found Dead on Banten Beaches



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - For two consecutive days, Banten found two dead cetaceans after being stranded on the region’s beach. Monday, October 7th saw a whale shark also died at the Lebak Keusik Beach while the following day saw a bottlenose dolphin died after being stranded at Carita Beach. 

    According to the region’s Head of the Utilization and Preservation of Coastal Resource Management Subsection, Zaid Abdur Rahman, the 7.5-meter whale shark was already dead when his team arrived. 

    A group effort by the government, police, agencies, and locals managed to move the whale’s carcass to another location where it was eventually buried after samples were taken for further studies. 

    “The team found the creature dead,” said Zaid. 

    Another whale shark was found beached at the Taluak Batuang Beach in West Sumatra. Local state agencies said that the whale shark was accidentally caught by a local traditional fisherman, but was evacuated back to sea before it unfortunately died. 

    Meanwhile, at Carita Beach in Banten, a male bottlenose dolphin was found dead at the beach. Local authorities found several injury marks in the area of its fins and eyes. The unlucky dolphin was then buried behind a local state agency.