KPAI Backs 90pct Health Warning Label on Cigarette Packs



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has thrown its weight behind the government's plan to enlarge the graphic health warning label on cigarette packs to 90 percent from the initial 40 percent. KPAI ommissioner Jasra Putra viewed the plan would help curb the number of child smokers.

    "[We] support that frightening images should be displayed so that children will not smoke, which is harmful to their body and soul," Jasra told Tempo in Jakarta, Sunday, Oct. 6.

    The enlargement of the composition of the graphic health warning label is stipulated in the draft revisions of the Government Regulation No. 109/2012 on the control of materials containing addictive substances in tobacco products for health.

    When asked for confirmation, the Ministry of Health Secretary-General, Oscar Primadi, said the draft revisions were initially focusing on the hike of the cover composition of cigarette packs. However, during the discussions, ministries and institutions suggested other substances related to the protection of pregnant women and children, as well as the effectiveness of the surveillance and electronic cigarettes.

    "The discussions on the draft bill are still afoot inter-ministries," said Oscar on Wednesday, October 2.

    Additionally, the KPAI is also preparing input in the form of academic texts related to the draft bill in tandem with the National Tobacco Control Commission and other anti-tobacco communities. "We even encourage PP 109/2012 to be a law, so that it can regulate child protection in the cigarette industry," Oscar added.

    The Indonesian Cigarette Producers Association (Gappri), meanwhile, rejected the draft revisions of PP 109 as they deemed it would violate the consumers’ rights to choose a product, said the association's head, Hendry Najoan.