President Jokowi: We are Considering a KPK Perpu

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - After protests by university students and civil society, President Joko Widodo is now considering issuing a government regulation in lieu of law (Perpu) on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). At first, Jokowi was firm in rejecting the idea of issuing a Perpu after the new KPK Law was passed on Tuesday, September 17.

    The president has not confirmed yet when the Perpu would be issued. Regarding the Criminal Code Bill, he says there are some points in the bill that require further study.

    The following interview excerpts are from several meeting sessions between Jokowi and reporters since the first day of demonstrations, from Monday to Thursday, September 23-26, at the palace.

    The KPK Law revision triggered protests from university students.

    These are good input from the people, which must be heard by the House of Representatives (DPR). Express them, bring a draft of the material, bring the substance that must be included to the DPR.

    After the demonstrations, you met with several important figures. What was the result of the meeting?

    In relation to the Criminal Code Bill, we received numerous input, for example, having to do with laws that encroach too much on the private sphere and articles having to do with insult to the President. Also, the KPK Law. Many suggested issuing a Perpu. I express gratitude for the sound input from my seniors and teachers, who were present.

    Will you be issuing a KPK Perpu?

    Many gave input on the importance of issuing a Perpu. Of course, we will immediately consider, calculate, and make a decision after.

    Will you accept the input?

    We will calculate and consider, especially the political side.

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