National Batik Day: Tips to Wear Batik in Modern Style



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaBatik has become one of the mandatory outfits to wear in both casual and formal events. There are many ways to mix and match the traditional textile for a modern look, for example, with pants, skirts, or tops.

    A fashion designer and owner of Elemwe Batik, Lily Mariasari, shares a few tips to pair batik to look more stylish, especially during the National Batik Day which falls on October 2.

    Lily explains that basically batik can be combined with many types of clothes. "You may pair it with jeans or skirts or culottes with plain material," said Lily in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 2.

    As for motifs, Lily suggests choosing lighter patterns. "There are many unique, up-to-date motifs," she added.

    For a formal event, it is recommended to don batik with its established patterns (pakem).

    "You can wear dark-colored batik, and in contrast, bright-colored ones for casual events," said Lily, adding that batik can also be combined with daily shoes or sneakers for a more casual or sporty look.

    Elemwe Batik, which has been established since 2015, is renowned for its Betawi motifs made by craftsmen in Jakarta coastal area.

    "As a world-recognized cultural heritage, batik is a fashion for Indonesians, so we must preserve and be proud in wearing batik," Lily concluded.