Jakarta Workers Obliged to Use Public Transportation Every Friday



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Environment Agency head Andono Warih announced his staffers were obliged to use public transportation, bicycles, or eco-friendly vehicles every Friday.

    “This policy is issued to show the public an example and to encourage them to use environmentally-friendly vehicles so as to reduce potential air pollution produced by the transportation sector,” said Andono in a written statement.

    Andono said that the instruction would take effect starting today, September 27. The move was taken as a concrete effort to improve the capital city’s air quality, which must be carried out by all parties to support the implementation of the Gubernatorial Instruction No. 66/2019 on Air Quality Control.

    "This is an internal rule for all staffers, and no exception for those in the administration," Andono remarked.

    According to him, this policy is stipulated in the Instruction Letter of the Jakarta Environment Agency Head No. 126/2019 on the use of public transport, bicycles, or eco-friendly vehicles for all employees of the agency.

    The instruction, which has been passed on September 23, is immediately effective this week.

    Hundreds of Environment Agency officers, both Civil Servants (PNS) and Independent Service Providers (PJLP), are seen getting to the office by public transportation, bicycle, or even foot. No one brought a private vehicle to the office this morning.

    "We are trying to set an example, so that people see the provincial administration does not merely govern people but have implemented it," Andono concluded.