Amnesty International Wants Ananda Badudu Case Stopped



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaAmnesty International Indonesia requests that the Metro Jaya Police stop investigating their client, Ananda Badudu. Ananda is being prosecuted for raising funds for students' protests in front of the Parliament Building on September 23-24.

    "I will speak with the Deputy of Criminal Investigation and also the Regional Police Chief so that Ananda's case will be discontinued," Amnesty International Indonesia's director Usman Hamid said at the Metro Jaya Police building on Friday, September 27.

    Usman said Amnesty International would take legal action if the former Tempo reporter is named as a suspect. He argued that, in this case, Ananda is only a civilian who participated in demonstrations in the DPR.

    "This is a part of community participation, including Ananda Badudu, to ensure the government does their job well," Usman said.

    Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Argo Yuwono said they are questioning Ananda as a suspect; inquiring about the Rp10 million he transferred to a protester who attacked the police. The protester, whom Argo kept anonymous, has been named a suspect for fighting officers.

    "The suspect said he received a transfer of Rp10 million from the witness [Ananda]," Argo said.

    Argo said Ananda is only questioned as a witness and ensured that he would be released after the interrogation.

    During the student protest, Ananda Badudu held fundraising through In two days, Rp175 million was collected. Ananda used the money to get logistics, rented a command car, and transportation for the protesters.