Student Rally; Clash with Police Broke Out before DPR Building



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The student rally staged before the DPR building, Central Jakarta, led to a clash with police officers today afternoon, September 24. Thousands of students were diverted into two groups; those who attacked security personnel using any object and those who called for a peaceful rally.

    Some of the mass was seen threw stones, logs, and other objects toward the police barricade. They even took over one police’s vehicle used as a barricade.

    Taking a defense behind their shields, the police personnel fired water cannons and tear gas. A journalist’s head is reportedly injured from stones pelted by students.

    Thousands of students from many universities held a demonstration in front of the Parliament building. They voiced setback for a number of draft bills which were passed into law prematurely and unfair for the people, including the KPK Law that was considered to clip the anti-graft body’s wings.