Papua Police Chief Says Hoax Fueled Abepura Riot



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPapua Police Chief Inspector General Rudolf A. Rodja announced that the protest that broke at Jayawijaya on Monday morning was caused by fake information or hoax.

    “that was held as a form of solidarity this morning,” said the police chief at Abepura, Jayapura City, Papua.

    The former West Papua police chief says that the uprising was successfully controlled by the BKO Nusantara Mobile Police Brigade (Brimob).

    “The Jayawijaya Regent has also approached the protestors and persuaded them to not hold another anarchic protest,” he said.

    In regards to the rumor of the racist remarks, the police chief maintains that it is blatantly false information as police members have confirmed the validity of the information.

    “We personally asked the teacher and said that no racist remarks were made. We have confirmed it,” said the police chief who also called for people in Papua to be wary of unconfirmed information they receive.