Depok Eyeing to Ban E-Cigarettes, Vaping in Certain Area



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The local administration of Depok City is eyeing to ban the use of electric cigarette or vapes in certain location by pitching a revised Regional Government Law No.3/2014 that oversees the use of vaporizers.

    “We are planning to submit it in the Regional Law revision,” said Novarita, Head of Depok City’s health agency on Thursday, September 19.

    Novarita argues that the dangers posed by vaping are equal to conventional cigarettes. Both items pose added risks to passive smokers.

    “The ingredients that are contained in the electric cigarettes endangers the respiratory system, avoid on any occasion,” said the state official.

    In the future, e-cigarette smokers will face bans that are similar to those facing conventional smokers such as barring vapes from public facilities, healthcare facilities, schools, public transports, and public parks that have children in it.