Police Trace Suspicious Transactions in Veronica Koman's Accounts



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Veronica Koman (left). Facebook/Veronica Koman

    Veronica Koman (left). Facebook/Veronica Koman

    TEMPO.CO, Surabaya - The East Java Police claimed to have found suspicious transactions in the bank accounts of human rights advocate Veronica Koman, a suspected spreader of provocative contents during the Papua riots. The police said there were big withdrawals in the conflicted area.

    “There are several significant fund transfers [to the accounts],” said East Java Police Chief Insp. Gen. Luki Hermawan during a press conference at the East Java Police HQ, Friday, September 13.

    Luki explained the huge fund transfers were illogical since the suspect was a mere college student.

    He added that six out of her eight bank accounts received significant amounts of money. However, he stopped short of detailing the nominal. “It’s quite huge,” said Luki.

    He also declined to mention the money sender, yet assured his team had detected several withdrawals in Surabaya and Papua. 

    The investigation into the senders and the purposes of the transfers is still afoot, he said. The East Java Police are coordinating with the National Police to track suspicious transactions in bank accounts belonging to the lawyer of Papuan students.

    Meanwhile, the police set a deadline for Veronica Koman to meet the police summons at September 18. The police will declare a wanted status if she, who is reportedly staying in Australia, skips the second call.