BI: Trade War Deemed Perfect Moment to Promote Sharia Economy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) Deputy Governor Rosmaya Hadi said that right now is the best momentum to promote sharia economy in the midst of global economic instability as he argued it can be a new source of growth.

    “Now is the time to awake the sharia economy,” said Rosmaya as he opened the East Indonesian Sharia Economy Festival (FESyar) 2019 in Banjarmasin on Thursday, September 12.

    The global economic instability the BI deputy referred to is the known economic row between the United States and China that is commonly called the trade war.

    “That global trend is what makes the sharia economy and finance as a new source of growth,” said Rosmaya Hadi.

    He argued that the sharia economy is not only dominated by Muslim-majority countries and he asserted that Indonesia should not only leading consumer’s market for halal products but also grow to become producers or halal tourism service providers that can contribute to export increases.

     “[It] can increase people’s income and boost economic growth,” he said.