Indonesia Vs Malaysia 2-3 Ends in Chaos



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe first match of the 2020 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers between Indonesia and Malaysia held in Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium, Thursday, Sept 5, ended in chaos as supporters angered over the loss and banged on glass doors of the stadium main gate.

    Supporters attempted to barge into the player dressing room while shouting chants. “We miss the old Garuda that feared by opponents,” they called out, provoking other supporters.

    A few minutes later, the police came to handle the supporters. A clash broke out as security officers were pelted with hard objects. The officers pushed back supporters to Madya Senayan Stadium and fired tear gas.

    Central Jakarta Resort Police Chief Sr. Comr. Harry Kurniawan called on all supporters to retrieve. He reminded of the upcoming match against Thailand on September 10. “We may have to face sanctions from FIFA if there is chaos,” said Harry.

    He instructed the Police’s Mobile Brigade personnel to refrain from firing tear gas. The police, he said, must take defense mode. “Do not attack, hold the fire,” he appealed.

    Previously, the game was halted in the second half due to supporters’ clash. Indonesian supporters from south and west tribune run to the track surrounding the pitch. Some of them also threw water bottles and gas bombs toward Malaysian supporters.

    In the World Cup Qualification game, Indonesia National Team of Merah-Putih lost 2-3. Indonesian Alberto ‘Beto’ Goncalves scored two goals in the 12th minute and the 38th minute, which were then equalized by rivals Mohamadou Sumareh’s goal in the 36th minute and Syafiq Ahmad’s in the 66th minute. However, Malaysia secured the winner position by Sumareh’s goal in the injury time.