Customer Day; Passengers Ask MRT Boss to Expand Network



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The president director of PT MRT Jakarta, Wiliam Sabandar, served passengers at one of the train's stations on Wednesday, September 4. Wiliam and a number of the company's directors held worked outside the office today, as part of the National Customer Day celebration.

    William said the company's managers and directors work field jobs today, from attending the ticket booth, the information booth, as well as listening to passengers' opinions and complaints.

    William did the latter. He said that passengers asked for a variety of things, including the expansion of MRT's network, integration with other modes of transportation, and even air freshener.

    He promised that all suggestions would be discussed at the company directors to be followed-up. "Of course we will discuss this, we must discuss all input from customers," he said.

    William hopes that the suggestions can help improve MRT services to passengers.

    Separately, MRT director of finance and administration Tuhiyat was distributing pins to passengers in the station area and inside the train car. The pins were given for free "as a symbol to say thank you at them for being loyal customers of the Jakarta MRT," Tuhiyat said.

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