Jokowi Promotes SOE, Welcomes Cooperation with African Countries



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo promoted Indonesian state-owned enterprises ("SOE") and Indonesian private companies that have ample experience in developing and constructing infrastructures in front of businesses and representatives from Africa.

    "SOE and private companies in Indonesia has adequate power and experience. Experienced in building infrastructures with difficult geographical challenges, and constructing modern city infrastructures," Jokowi said during the Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue event in Bali on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

    Jokowi added that Indonesian construction SOEs and private companies have the experience in constructing infrastructures under extreme condition and climate.

    "As brother in arms, we will be very open for cooperation, share and assist with infrastructure construction and the welfare of the African citizens," Jokowi said.

    The President also stated that within the past 5 (five) years, Indonesia has been focusing and provide special attention to the development of infrastructures.

    Jokowi also mentioned some example of infrastructure projects we have handled, including 782 kilometers of toll road, 3,887 kilometers of public main thoroughfares, 191,000 kilometers of village roads, 15 large reservoirs, 945 small reservoirs, flowing 21,500 liters of potable water per second, reorganizing 3,000 hectares of slums, improving sanitation of 9.87 million households, constructing 7 cross-border outposts, and constructing 3.5 million houses.

    Jokowi said that for Indonesia, infrastructure development is needed to achieve many goals, such as uniting the country, reinforcing diversity, improving equal development for remote regions, and increasing connectivity to mitigate price disparity and economic gap.

    "Infrastructure to achieve welfare and social justice for all Indonesian citizens," The President stated.

    Jokowi added that he wishes for the construction of new infrastructures can also be felt by African countries. Together with Africa, Indonesia wishes to make improvements, and promote equal development for remote areas, and to mitigate price disparity and economic gap.

    "We are ready to cooperate, Indonesia is ready to share its experiences ad help each other to develop infrastructures," Jokowi concluded.