Latest Odd-Even Policy Helps Improve Jakarta's Air Quality



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Environment Agency says the city’s air quality has gradually improved after the city applied a trial period of one of its transportation policies, which is the odd-even policy overseeing vehicle number plates that were enacted since August 12 and set to last up to September 8.

    “Yes, there is an improvement in air quality that saw an average concentration drop of 18.9,” said Jakarta Environment Agency Head Andono Warih at the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) on Tuesday, August 20.

    Seven days prior to the odd-even policy trial run, Jakarta’s air quality PM was at 2.5 63.29 ug/m3, which eventually dropped to 51,29 ug/m3 seven days after the policy was enacted.

    The city’s latest odd-even policy has been expanded to a larger area which now covers 25 public streets which are mentioned in the Governor’s Instruction No.66/2019 on air quality control.

    He also mentioned other programs that contributed to the air quality improvement such as the constant monitoring of industrial smokestacks and several public park greening. However, the aforementioned transportation policy is said to be the largest contributor.