Gerindra Faction Questions Capital City Move



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Parliament member from the Gerindra faction Bambang Haryo called for an interruption immediately after House of Representatives (DPR) Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon opened the plenary session in discussing the Bill on the capital city-move budget plan.

    “Interruption, Sir, in regards to the capital city move, this will surely be a heavy burden if it is included in the State Ministers’ priority program,” said Bambang in the Senayan Parliamentary complex central Jakarta, August 20.

    Bambang asserted that the government should rather focus on other prioritized programs rather than moving Indonesia’s capital city. He also referred to other state priority programs that have yet been met or reached its intended goal, such as the issue of food security.

    He called for the government to focus more on that issue and food price stability as he argues commodities in Indonesia are currently on the pricier side of the spectrum compared to commodities in Saudi Arabia.

    “There are other issues too that are spread across many regions such as Dumai, which is in desperate need for access to clean water,” said the Gerindra House member.