Catholic Students Association Responds to Abdul Somad's Statement



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Muslim cleric Abdul Somad. ANTARA/Ampelsa

    Muslim cleric Abdul Somad. ANTARA/Ampelsa

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Catholic Students Association (PMKRI)in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has questioned the statement made by Abdul Somad in one of the Islamic religious speaker’s sermons that was widely seen as a travesty of a Christian religious symbolism.

    “We view the sermon delivered by Ustad Abdul Somad on a sacred Catholic symbol is a form of intolerance,” said the Kupang PMKRI presidium head, Adrianus Oswin Goleng, in a written statement on Monday, August 19.

    Besides demanding a public apology from Abdul, they also see him as a bane against the country’s inter-religious peaceful relationships. They also called on the nation to take a firm stance against any form of intolerance.

    “We demand a public apology from the Ustad, especially to Catholics, whom he verbally hurt,” said Adrianus.

    The Kupang PMKRI demanded the National Police to investigate the incident and questioned the cleric.

    Previously, a video footage of one of Abdul Somad’s sermons was uploaded on the internet and spread throughout numerous social media platforms, which eventually sparked criticism from internet users. One of the country’s eldest Islamic organizations, Muhammadiyah, has even stated Abdul’s statement could be seen as blasphemy.

    On Sunday, the preacher uploaded a video footage containing his clarifications on Youtube on Sunday, August 18, regarding his sermon at a mosque in Simpang Kelayang Village on Saturday.

    “The Quran reciting session was held in a closed Mosque. Not at a stadium, a football field, nor aired on television, but it was for Muslims internally. I was answering a question about statues and the position of the Prophet Isa relative to Muslims,” said Ustad Abdul Somad in his clarifications.