7 Dead, 6 Missing in KM Izhar Boat Fire in Bokori Island



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Kendari The search for victims of the burned boat KM Izhar in the waters of Bokori Island, Soropia District, Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, continued to be carried out since the incident occurred in the early hours of Saturday, August 17.

    Per Sunday, August 18, the missing victims reached 6 people.

    Kendari Search and Rescue (SAR) head of operation (Kasi Ops) Hidayat explained the last two victims were reported missing by their relatives at Kendari SAR Team Command Post in Bajoe Village, Soropia District.

    The missing people were Faisal (23) as reported by his mother Jumaria, on Sunday, Heri (23), Lantapa (70), Ruslan (25), Iti, and Nurlela (40).

    "So in total, six people have been reported missing up to today," Hidayat said at the Kendari SAR Team Command Post on Sunday, August 18.

    KM Izhar boat caught fire around the waters of Bokori Island last Saturday at midnight. The passengers and crew jumped into the sea. The incident has claimed seven lives. 

    The police were still questioning two crew members to find the cause of the fire.

    Hidayat appealed to the public to immediately report the family allegedly lost due to the burning of KM Izhar boat to the SAR Post.

    According to him, teams of divers have been deployed to search for victims, and the search location was expanded to 6 nautical miles from initially 4 nautical miles.