Anies Baswedan Responds to Criticism of City's Irrational Budget



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan says he will not dwell on the criticisms aimed at him by Legislative Council (DPRD) members in regards to the 2020 regional budget plan (RAPBD) that amounts to a total of Rp95.9 trillion.

    The total budget has grown Rp6.9 trillion compared to Jakarta’s 2019 regional budget (APBD) of Rp89 trillion. Next year’s budget plan, according to the governor, is calculated based on the mid-term regional development plan (RPJMD).

    “That’s alright, the criticisms are heard, we appreciate it, but we will still attempt to reach our goal,” said Anies Baswedan at City Hall on Thursday, August 15.

    He asserts that the dynamic changes in the city’s budget propositions are formed based on the government’s programs that tightly referring to the RPJMD. “So this is not a matter of taste in setting this year’s or next year’s increase.”

    Previously reported, the Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) member questioned the city administrators’ aim in proposing a massive budget, especially amidst the declining economy both domestically and globally.

    “With a number this high, [I am] not optimistic what it is based on, I personally see it as economically irrational,” said Jakarta DPRD Commission E Speaker Syahrial on Thursday, August 15.