3 Police Burnt When Securing Students Protest in Cianjur



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThree officers of Cianjur Resort Police were burnt alive while securing students protest in Cianjur administration office complex, West Java, Thursday, August 15.

    The three have been rushed to the emergency unit of Cianjur Regional Hospital due to severe burn injuries.

    The rally was staged by Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam, Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasional Indonesia, Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia, Himpunan Mahasiswa Tjiandjur, Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah, and Himpunan Mahasiswa Persatuan Islam. They criticized the city development.

    The incident occurred when protesters blocked Jalan Siliwangi, in front of the complex, and burned vehicles tires while shouting chants. As the police tried to extinguish the fire, there was a student splashing fuel, and so the haze spread to them.

    “There was someone splashing fuel when officers putting out fires,” said Second Brig. Aryo, Cianjur traffic police officer, in the location, Thursday, August 15.

    He explained several officers were touched by the fire, yet the three of them sustained severe injuries.

    “They are Second Brig. Aris Simbolon and Second Brig. Yudi from Cianjur Police’s Sabhara unit and First Adj. Insp. Erwin Yudha from Cianjur Resort Police,” Aryo said.

    The demonstration was initially staged peacefully and turned into a riot as the mass entered the complex area and was pushed back by the police. This triggered them to block road access.

    The police arrested 13 people in the riot. They were brought to Cianjur Police Headquarters for questioning.