E-commerce Shopping: 3 Ways to Avoid Fake, Bootleg Products



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Online shopping via the ever-growing e-commerce platforms has turned into a necessity for some in the midst of people’s busy daily routines. However, the nature of shopping online means to purchase without able to see the actual product presents its challenges.

    In a media gathering event held on August 14, 2019, Shopee Indonesia Director Handhika Jahja shared several tips to help you enjoy great online shopping experience. Here are three of them;

    Price Gap on Branded Items

    The first Handhika mentioned is to pay attention to the prices of products, especially those that generally are priced above what is offered. “Customers should be skeptical if it is sold around Rp500,000 but is still sold up to Rp2 million in the general market. It would certainly not be an original product unless it’s a used one,” he said.

    Credibility of the Seller or Store

    The credibility of a seller must be taken into consideration upon choosing an online store across e-commerce platforms. He suggests potential buyers review two determining elements; seller ratings and product testimonies.

    “Customers should avoid those with bad or no ratings. They could be selling non-original products,” he reminded.

    In-Stock or Out of Stock

    Lastly, the Shopee Indonesia Director reminded buyers to pay attention to a products stock availability, especially those of established brands that are known to not be sold in large quantities in official physical stores. If this element is suspicious, it is better to avoid the store.

    “For renowned brands, if the sizes range from 36 to 45 and have every color in-stock, that needs to be avoided,” he said.