KPI Insists on Monitoring Netflix, Youtube



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) plans to regulate content supervision in all new media. KPI's commissioner for institutional affairs Yuliandre Darwis said they will focus on broadcasting contents.

    "The function is for media equality, so that all media are equal," Yuliandre told Tempo on Monday, August 12.

    According to Yuliandre, KPI wants new media to be treated the same as other mainstream media, in terms of being supervised.

    KPI views that with their monitoring, the new media industry will not die but instead grows and develops.

    "KPI's job is not to shut down the industry, but to develop it. The more KPI has data on them and making them part of the KPI's authority, they must grow and develop," he argued.

    KPI wants the new media industry to grow whilst staying true to the values of Indonesia. Yuliandre said KPI would discuss this with a public forum to make things clear and to prevent misconception.

    KPI has stated that it wants to oversee Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook contents. This plan has drawn protests from broadcasters. Aside from the absence of legal regulations, they consider that KPI already has too many homework in overseeing the mainstream media.