Fadli Zon: Industry 4.0 Is Nothing without Electricity



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - House of Representatives deputy speaker Fadli Zon regretted the massive blackout that hit Java on August 4-5. He said the incident should be seen in a bigger perspective, especially if it is highlighted from the Industry 4.0 perspective that is currently being promoted by the government.

    "The Industry 4.0 revolution will be nothing without electricity, [without] basic infrastructures such as electricity and fuel," said the Gerindra politician in a press statement on Saturday, August 10, adding that the sustainability of such basic infrastructure should be ensured.

    State electricity company PLN is highly expected to be able to strengthen the required infrastructure to avoid the recent power outage in Jakarta Greater Area, West Java, and Banten.

    "The recent massive blackout was said as blackout 4.0. This shows that digital infrastructure and other infrastructures are still weak that could easily lead to a total disfunction," Fadli Zon said.

    Meanwhile, Energy Watch executive director Mamit Setiawan expected the government to prioritize the new and renewable energy following the Java power outage incident.

    He admitted that the use of new and renewable energy of 23 percent cannot be reached in 2025. However, he hoped that the decision-makers could be encouraged to develop new and renewable energy following the massive blackout.

    Mamit viewed that to develop new and renewable energy, the political will from the government is highly needed, such as in completing its regulation. He realized that the investment for the new and renewable energy is undeniably large, while PLN's purchase tends to be small. Therefore, it will take time to reach the break-even point.