Anies Baswedan Expects PLN Provide Dedicated MRT Power Source



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced he will start to discuss the city’s plan to power the operations of MRT Jakarta Ratangga with its own power plant with the state-owned electricity firm PLN.

    This follows Sunday’s massive blackout caused by an abrupt power cut from power plants supplying electricity to a number of regions in the Java Island.

    On Sunday, millions of people in Greater Jakarta, West Java, and Banten experienced more than half a day without electricity due to a massive blackout caused by interference to the company's 500-kV High Voltage transmission (SUTET) in Ungaran-Pemalang. 

    “In the future, we will discuss this together with the PLN [to urge the firm] to provide a dedicated power plant specially used to power the MRT,” said Anies Baswedan in City Hall today, August 7.

    The current system powering Ratangga trains across the city is solely dependent on the subsystem I and subsystem II producing 150 kilovolts. The trains were inoperable on Sunday despite having secured a premium service contract with PLN that supplied electricity for the two subsystems.

    “Yesterday’s incident was caused by the power disturbance experienced by the power source in West Java, which eventually disrupted the supply for the two subsystems,” said Anies.