The 3R Rule to Minimize Plastic Waste



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia is among the most contributors of plastic waste in the world despite many campaigns held to educate people that plastic is one of the most difficult types of material to decompose and so it has adverse impacts on every living creature in the future.

    Hana Nur Auliana, an environmental practitioner from a waste management organization Waste4Change, shared three easy ways to deal with the problem dubbed 3R: recycle, reduce, and reuse.


    During a media gathering with Thermos, Hana underlined that not all people should take a role as a recycler, yet be a responsible person for his own waste by disposing it into the right bin.

    "When you go to a shopping mall, there are usually three bins. If we still use plastic, at least throw it away in the recycling bin, so that it can be used again. You have made a contribution by doing so," said Hana in Jakarta, August 6, 2019.


    If you are getting used to the recycling, Hana went on, you can level up by applying the next theory: reduce. For example, refuse a single-use straw for your drink.

    "This is a very easy and not burdensome act as you can still enjoy your drink. So you can do small things like this. It's effective," she added.


    When you have a higher responsibility, the third step to be taken is to apply the theory of reuse. You can start carrying and using your own bottles instead of buying drinks with plastic cups.

    Moreover, there are now many sellers who support this sustainable plastic waste movement by offering discounted prices for those who use their own packaging.

    "Many coffee shops provide discounts as a form of environmental care. By implementing this, you will earn more benefit as it is cheaper, and so this is beneficial for the earth," she said.