Residents File Lawsuit Against Anies Baswedan Over Pollution



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A group of Jakarta residents incorporated in Forum Warga Kota Jakarta (Forum of Jakarta Residents/FAKTA) filed an intervention lawsuit at the North Jakarta District Court against the city's Governor Anies Baswedan on Monday, August 5. 2019.

    "We have yet to see a step to fix Jakarta's air quality," said FAKTA chairman Azas Tigor Nainggolan at the North Jakarta District Court. which is filed under case number 374/Pdt.G/LH/2019.

    According to Tigor, FAKTA has a firm legal basis to file the lawsuit that is mentioned in Article 38 (1) Law No. 32/2004. The group argued that the Jakarta administration has failed to conduct good regional supervision and development, which has resulted in harm for the capital's residents.

    "Especially in terms of people's rights to good quality air that is clean, especially in Jakarta. That is the basic argument we presented to the Jakarta Governor," Tigor said.

    Tigor argued that the city's bad air quality and pollution is not just caused by the growing number of motorized vehicles operating on Jakarta roads, but also industrial activities, electrical power plants, illegal trash burning, sidewalks, and street constructions, and he also blamed it to a certain level to the number of people smoking cigarettes.

    "Jakarta is under the spotlight for its air quality, which has become the worst in Indonesia, and even the world," said Tigor.