Thursday, 27 February 2020

5,000 Gojek Drivers to Stage Rally Today



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaA total of 5,000 drivers of online transportation of Gojek, both online ojek and taxi joined in a community Garda Indonesia, planned to stage a protest today, August 5, in Pasaraya, Blok M Jakarta.

    “We apologize to the public for our demonstration activity on August 5 in areas of Pasaraya, Blok M,” as quoted from a written announcement from Garda Indonesia issued on Saturday, August 3.

    Garda presidium, Igun Wicaksono, explained they would deliver two demands to the ride-hailing application company; renounce the suspension on a number of drivers and resume the partnership with those suspended drivers who did not violate the law.

    “We have also submitted data of 500 suspended drivers to Transportation Ministry,” Igun said on Sunday, August 4.

    According to him, the complete data from across Indonesian regions was still kept and yet to deliver to the government as he wanted to see responses and progress of the demands.

    “We ask Gojek’s management to revoke the suspension on driver-partners of R2 [those who committed tolerable faults], and so let our fellow drivers resume their work to earn a living as more discipline drivers who abide by the set rules,” he added.

    The reactivation of suspended drivers was expected to be in accordance with the Transportation Ministerial Regulation No. 12/2019 Article 14. “We ask for Gojek management’s wisdom to follow up our requests,” Igun said.