2019 Sees 200 Cases of Sexual Assault against Children



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Police HQ recorded there are 236 cases of child sexual assault occurred in January to May this year; yet only 50 percent of the total case was handled by the law enforcer.

    "In this year we found 236 cases [from January] until May. Only 50 percent was completed," the police chief of general information Comr. Asep Adi Saputra on Saturday, August 3.

    He explained that it was caused by, among others, the public's reluctance in touching the sexual crime issue into a discussion.

    "We know that most people are reluctant to report a child sexual abuse because of our strong eastern customs," Asep said. He added that the victims' psychological condition also hampered the case handling since they are minor.

    "It involves many areas, including the child's psychological development and also threats from the perpetrator. That's why we don't receive all the reports," he said.

    Therefore, the police institution is conducting cyber patrol to monitor sexual crime against children through social media.

    Andita Rahma