Anies Baswedan's Orders to Combat Air Pollution



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Amid public worry about air pollution in Jakarta, Governor Anies Baswedan issued a gubernatorial instruction No. 66/2019 concerning the air quality control today, August 1.

    Anies noted seven measures the provincial administration must carry out to tackle the worsening air pollution issue, such as restricting the age of public transportation, vehicle emission test, the extended odd-even policy, and parking tariff.

    “Make sure there is no public transportation ages over ten years and fails to pass the emission test, and rejuvenate all public transport through Jak Lingko program in 2020,” as noted in the instructions.

    The governor also ordered Jakarta Bina Marga Agency head to help encourage people to use public transportation by expediting the construction of the pedestrian facility in 25 main roads and roads connecting public transport in 2020.

    Additionally, the governor demanded the city’s Environment Agency calculate emissions from unmovable sources of pollutant such as factory chimney once every six months. The emission test result must be published too.

    Anies is also planning to use renewable energy in several governmental offices, such as schools and health facilities. He has already instructed his staffers to install solar panels in those buildings. The program is targeted to finish in 2022.

    The instruction inked by Governor Anies Baswedan was released a few hours after the first civil lawsuit hearing on the city’s air pollution in Central Jakarta District Court took place. However, the trial was postponed until August 22 due to lack of required documents.