New Capital City Development Will Complete in 2045: Bappenas



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe government reportedly has drafted a detailed long-term development plan of the new capital city, which is projected to complete in 2045. The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) head Bambang Brodjonegoro revealed the project will commence in 2021 focusing on the construction of governmental offices and botanical garden.

    “The administrative center will span an area of 2,000 hectares to house the administrative, namely executive, judicative, and legislative, as well as state palace, house of representatives building, Supreme Court building, Constitutional Court building, and others,” said Bambang during a national dialogue on the relocation of the country’s capital in Bappenas office, Central Jakarta, Thursday, August 1.

    In the second phase starting from 2025 to 2029, the government will build a residential complex for state apparatus (PNS), Indonesian Military or National Police, education and health facilities, universities, science and technopark, high tech and clean industries, R&D center, up to sports center. The area will span about 40,000 hectares.

    “The city is also expected to have business meetings, incentive travels, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) facility and other supporting facilities,” Bambang said, adding that he will design a special area for the military as requested by TNI higher-ups.

    From 2030-2045, the construction project will be focused on the outer zone in order to preserve the environment in the relocation destination, Kalimantan province. This plan will likely require 200,000 hectares of land. “We will have conservation center for orangutan and residential clusters for non-PNS,” he said.

    He opined that there will be a population surge up to 1.5 million people in the new capital city.