Ministry to Recruit Foreign Rector to Improve Education Quality



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaResearch, Technology, and Higher Education Ministry (Kemristekdikti) would welcome foreign rector for Indonesian universities in a bid to improve the country’s education quality, said Minister Mohamad Nasir.

    “Only three Indonesian universities have been listed in the top 500 so far, while in fact, we have many universities. There are many factors [of the problem] such as budgeting and management,” said Nasir in Jakarta, Tuesday, July 30.

    According to the minister, the plan has been canvassed since 2015. Based on the ministry’s observation of a number of universities in foreign countries, foreign rectors could be the solution to boost the campus' quality.

    “Let’s see from the experience of other countries. Universities in Singapore success because of having many foreign lecturers or rectors, similar to those in Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as Saudi Arabia,” Nasir explained.

    “When will Indonesia implement [the strategy]? We have to do the same,” he said, adding that foreign rector likely has a broad network in the global. 

    Therefore, Mohamad Nasir opined, regulation related to the matter must be amended. “So a university led by a foreign rector will run smoothly in the future,” he said. “I hope this will be announced to the public in 2020.”