Saturday, 14 December 2019

BKPM: China Is Not the Largest Foreign Investor in Indonesia



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) recorded Singapore as the largest foreign investor in Indonesia in the second quarter of 2019. Based on the board’s latest data, the neighboring country had invested US$3.4 billion or 23.9 percent of total foreign investment (PMA).

    “Singapore is the top country with the largest investment [in Indonesia], followed by four other countries,” said the board acting deputy for investment control Farah Ratnadewi Indriani during a press conference in BKPM office, South Jakarta, Tuesday, July 30.

    According to BKPM, the foreign investment per this year’s second quarter recorded at Rp104.9 trillion, or up 9.6 percent from the previous year’s figure. Based on the record, the second-largest investor is Japan, with some US$2.4 billion investment or 16.9 percent of total PMA.

    Meanwhile, China remained as the third-largest investor with US$2.3 billion or 16.2 percent of total PMA, followed by Hong Kong (US$1.3 billion or 9.2 percent) and Malaysia (US$1 billion or 7 percent).

    Throughout the second quarter of 2019, the total investment entered Indonesia, both from foreign and domestic investment, reached Rp200.5 trillion, rose by 13.7 percent when compared to that of the same period last year. Besides PMA, the domestic investment was recorded at Rp95.6 trillion.

    The BKPM set a target of investment in the country grows double-digit up to Rp792 trillion in 2019.