Kominfo Reminds Public to be Careful Using the Popular FaceApp



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaCommunication and Informatics Ministry's (Kominfo) director-general for applications and informatics, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan reminded all to be more thoughtful before downloading a new application–including the popular photo-editing app FaceApp.

    “People have to learn the app user before downloading it. Not only FaceApp but all applications,” Semuel said through a written statement posted on the Cabinet Secretary site, setkab.go.id, on Wednesday, July 24.

    He demanded all Indonesian users learn about the origin of an application before having the program available on a phone.

    Recently, the face filters app made from Russia sparked high concern for some users and internet citizen following rumors about it having data privacy issue echoed by the United States government.

    Despite the app developer had clarified the issue, Semuel opined, the public should remain vigilant. “They clarify that they save photos for 2x24 hours only and delete it from the server afterward,” he added.

    Therefore, Semuel went on, if there is a new app that requires excessive, insignificant permission, it will be better to leave it. “Sometimes an app offers something funny so we will be ‘willing’ to give our data,” he added.

    As for the government’s response on the FaceApp phenomena, Semuel claimed, there was no evaluation yet with related parties. “We are still monitoring it as other countries do,” he concluded.